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china cangzhou dahua to complete tdi expansion design in 2013

published: 2013-06-05      browse:602

      shanghai-china cangzhou dahua juhai company has pushed its tdi expansion project into preparatory stage by announcing in recent days it will complete tdi expansion project design within this year.

      the company is undergoing technical and commercial negotiations and tendering agency for its 30,000 tons/year tdi expansion project at 50,000 tons/year tdi plant in hebei province, and is expected to finish basic design work this year.

      “the basic design of the project is expected to complete within this year and equipment procurement will be progressing this august and complete by april in 2014,” according to the company’s statement.

      the tdi plant in lingang chemical industry park was built in 2009 and has a nameplate capacity of 50,000 tons/year.

      cangzhou dahua has another two tdi plants with capacity assessed at 30,000 tons/year and 70,000 tons/year and owned by cangzhou dahua tdi company and cangzhou dahua juhai company; the three tdi plants are running regularly for the moment.

      besides, the company also plans to build 135,000 tons/year nitric acid plant at the same site to provide feedstocks and the company is starting the design bidding.

      tdi is feedstocks to produce flexible polyurethane foam that can be applied in furniture and mattress.