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    release agent
    we supply polyurethane release agents of concentorl, p.c. from spain. there are a variety of products. they are suitable for different molds, different mold temperature, and different ways of post processing. products can be divided into these types: concentrate, high solid content, ready to use, water-base and so on.
    silicone surfactant

    we supply  silicone surfactant for pu from spanish p.c . the product is used for adjusting the cell size of various density foam, such as hr flexible foam, rigid foam and semi-rigid foam.

    anti-noise wax
    we supply anti-noise waxs from spanish p.c.. this product is applied on the surface of the foam product after the demoulding. it can effectively reduce or eliminate the noise generated from friction between the foam and matal.

    we supply aniseed products of tdi, mdi, polyether. the matched catalysts, crosslinking agents and other additives are also supplied. welcome for free technical advice!

    spraying equipment

    we supply spraying equipment (guns and pressure mixing drums) for the using of release agents. different specifications will meet different needs of manufacturers in the production.